17-month-old girl earns the nickname 'Einstein 2.0'

A baby girl has been nicknamed 'Einstein 2.0' due to a rare condition which makes her bright white hair stand permanently on end - just like the scientist's messy 'do.

Taylor McGowan, 17 months, is one of only a handful of kids around the world with a known case of Uncombable Hair Syndrome.

It causes her bright white hair to stand on end despite efforts by her parents Cara and Tom McGowan - who both have straight brown hair - to brush and style it.

 Taylor McGowan, who is 17 months old, was diagnosed with Uncombable Hair Syndrome

Wild: The syndrome causes Einstein-like hair where it is permanently bright white and stands up in all directions 

The adorable tot attracts crowds wherever she goes and former mental health worker Cara, 32, says she is stopped 'nine or ten times' on a trip to the shops.

While most people are friendly, Cara says she has been accused of bleaching Taylor's messy mane and asked whether she 'stuck her fingers in a light socket'.

But the family love her unique look and have nicknamed her 'Einstein 2.0' after the scientist, whose shock of static white hair is also rumored to have been caused by UHS.

Full-time mom Cara, who lives in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, said: 'At first we thought we would just put a bit of water and comb it down, but it pops back up.

'I didn't want to put a bunch of chemicals on her hair and I had read that aloe vera gel would act like hair gel. We tried that several times to no avail.

'In total we have tried all kinds of products, maybe 15 different things. We have tried hairspray, gel, mousse.

'In the end we just gave up and dressed her up as Albert Einstein for Halloween.

'She doesn't really enjoy bows or having her hair braided so we have chosen to allow it to be wild and free.'

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