'Definitely A Head Turner': Truck Seen Hauling Some Creepy Cargo In Arizona

Photo: Getty Images

Several people spotted a truck driving around Scottsdale with some creepy cargo in the back. 12 News reported that a giant skull was seen in the back of a dump truck at the intersection of Highland Avenue and North Scottsdale Road.

So where was the giant skull being taken?

The giant skull is part of the Halloween Spook-Track-Ula at the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park in Scottsdale.

"Definitely a head turner. A lot of people almost stopping in traffic to see what we have in the back of the truck," said Darryl Grimes, special events coordinator with the City of Scottsdale who was driving the skull. "It takes about a month-long to set up everything. There's a lot of lighting effects and fog that goes into the event and there's a lot of planning that goes on throughout the year."

Check out the creepy cargo below:

Visitors will be able to ride the rails through the Halloween exhibit. The event aims to bring fun for the whole family.

Grimes said, "We don't have anyone jumping out at you or scaring anybody or anything of that nature. Everything is static displays. Lots of smoke and mirrors."

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