Olivia Rodrigo Hangs Out With Katy Perry At Her 'PLAY' Residency

Photo: Getty Images

Olivia Rodrigo was spotted backstage at Katy Perry's PLAY residency in Las Vegas over the weekend. According to a TikTok shared by Twitter account Pop Base, the young hitmaker attended Perry's show and hung out with the pop star backstage. "And then Olivia Rodrigo was there and we all joined Katy's pre-show prayer circle," the TikTok reads showing Perry being led down a hallway by Perry, who is already in her costume for the night's show.

Last year, Perry reacted to Rodrigo referencing her song "Teenage Dream" on the track "brutal." Talking with Out Magazine ahead of her residency, Perry revealed it made her feel, "Old!" She continued, "Honestly, old! And grateful that I survived it and grateful I’m not dead in a ditch somewhere. Wow, it’s coming all the way back around. Things are nostalgic? What?” she quipped. “It feels like yesterday, especially when people are like, ‘Oh my gosh I used to listen to you when I was a kid’ and they’re like full-on adults with kids.”

She went on to say that it's "awesome" to see her music taking on a second life in the new generation of blossoming pop stars like Rodrigo. "It means that the music is still resonating. It means that the message still rings true for people,” she said. “It’s fun! It’s wonderful to have that stamp.” Earlier this year while Rodrigo was still on her SOUR tour, she teamed up with fellow pop peer Conan Gray to cover Perry's hit "The One That Got Away."

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