Her HUGE mouth made her TikTok famous! (Video)

Samantha Ramsdell is TikTok famous for her mouth! She now has more than 767,000 followers.

From the NY Post:

In Ramsdell’s most viral vid to date with almost 60 million views, the entertainer is seen performing TikTok’s “Make It Red” challenge, in which users don makeup and sing along to “Make It Red” by Ashnikko – Daisy. “I wanna see your cheeks glow red,” cackles a lipstick-sporting Ramsdell before opening her mouth wide like the cartoonish Joker from “Batman” comics.
Despite her meteoric rise, the influencer admits the fascination with her mammoth mandibles was initially frustrating.
“I was more offended when people called me a ‘one-trick pony’ about my mouth,” lamented Ramsdell, who wanted to be known for her singing and comedy videos. However, she said has since embraced it, proclaiming, “My mouth just gets five times more views!”

Story Here: https://nypost.com/2020/11/10/woman-reveals-how-her-huge-mouth-made-her-tiktok-famous/


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