A conversation with Scottsdale Mayoral Candidate Virginia Korte


Recently I had the opportunity to have an in depth conversation with Virginia Korte who is running for Mayor of Scottsdale. We touched on many topics from the economic impact of the Coronavirus to how she plans on positioning Scottsdale in the future.

Below from https://www.kortescottsdale.com/

We Can’t Rest On Our Reputation. 

To keep Scottsdale sustainable, we must work harder and smarter to compete with other cities for new businesses and good jobs. 

Relying on strong leadership and working together, Virginia knows we can do more to land businesses that will generate well-paying jobs for residents. 

It’s critical to carefully control spending and continue investing in the city’s infrastructure to enhance our exceptional quality of life. That will also help attract more businesses and visitors – both of which keep our taxes some of the lowest in the Valley. 

“I am running for mayor because I love this city – its people, its past, its potential.  It is important for us to recognize that our city is headed in the right direction. I want to commend Mayor Lane for his leadership and commitment to our city.  However, if Scottsdale is going to continue to be the best place to live and work, we need strategic leadership to bring high paying jobs into Scottsdale.”

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