Football commentator does video narrating his girlfriend’s hangover

A football commentator has found new things to narrate including his girlfriend’s hangover during the coronavirus lockdown. He hilariously recorded and narrated a video of her suffering through a hangover.

In the video, Toby Osborne, has been missing his normal day job as a commentator so he followed his girlfriend, Kayleigh, around their flat commentating on every move.

The night before Kayleigh had a Zoom call with her family where they were drinking and she asked her boyfriend if he wanted too as well. He refused and this was his revenge on her for calling him ‘boring.’

Speaking to LADbible, Toby said "I usually commentate on all of Bristol City's games through the season so I've been a bit lost without sport, but have been finding other ways to commentate as you can see.”

This story was originally published by LAD Bible

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