Father makes ‘real life’ Super Mario Kart Course for son during quarantine

With lockdown happening parents have had to come up with different ways to keep their children entertained like father Andrew Dawson who made a homemade Super Mario Kart Course. He made the course for his six-year-old son, Drayton, which took about 30 hours.

The commercial manager said "We've been trying to create various learning and play ideas during lockdown that minimize the use of screens, such as the TV and games consoles.

His son loves Super Mario Kart and has been asking for an Xbox but his parents aren’t quite ready to give him that yet.

"As remote control cars are fun for kids, I looked online for a Mario Kart one, and bought it originally as a toy for the house, but when it arrived I realised how powerful and fast it was so thought it would be best enjoyed in a bigger space,” said Andrew to LAD Bible.

He even included a paper-mache volcano on the course.

This story was originally published by LAD Bible

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