99.9 KEZ Will Continue To Play Christmas Music This Weekend

99.9 KEZ has announced that KEZ will continue to play Christmas Music this Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening from 7pm to Midnight.

As Beth McDonald said,

“People are asking us to play it, let’s play some. You know me, I love Christmas music. I listen to Charlie Brown Christmas all year. If it helps people, let’s do it.”

So why is KEZ playing Christmas music?

Several KEZ listeners have reached out by email, phone, and social media to request to bring back some Christmas Music during this very odd and somewhat scary time. Maybe it helps you entertain the kids…maybe it inspires you to put your Christmas lights back up to spread cheer to your neighbors…or maybe it gives you a bit of peace, comfort and hope.

We hope that playing KEZ Christmas Music on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night helps in some way.

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