Wedding Party Quits Because Of Bride: 'Her Wedding Deserves To Be Ruined'

Newlywed couple arguing in car

Newlywed couple arguing in car

Well, this wedding definitely did not go as planned.

A would-be-bridesmaid took to Reddit to share a story about her former friend's wedding on the popular 'Am I The A**hole (AITA)' thread. In the post, the woman revealed she dropped out of her longtime friend Kelly's wedding just 10 days before the big day. Not only did the unnamed woman drop out, her decision inspired the rest of the bridesmaids and the groomsmen to drop out, as well.

According to the woman, the turmoil began when Kelly called another bridesmaid named Ellis to kick her out of the wedding party. "Well, last night Kelly texted Ellis and told her she's no [longer] a bridesmaid, she and her [female] partner aren't welcome to the wedding," the woman wrote in the thread. "Ellis was confused and pressed for a reason. Turns out Kelly's [future in laws] are furious "f*****g gay s***s" are attending their wedding. It's a sacred place and dirty h**s have no business being there."

After Ellis told the woman who shared the post on Reddit about her conversation with Ellis, she confronted Kelly. "I called Kelly and asked [what's going on]. She tells me it's no big deal, [Ellis] is only missing a plate of food and she will make it up to her. She also has the nerve to tell me to ask Ellis to lend her the bridesmaid dress because she found someone to replace her. So it wouldn't look uneven at the wedding."

The woman's boyfriend was acting as best man at the wedding, as well, and he decided to drop out after he heard about the situation. When the rest of the wedding party was informed about what happened between Kelly and Ellis, they also decided to drop out, which left Kelly with only her sister as Maid of Honor and no groomsmen.

After the post went viral, the woman gave an update on the wedding, which was supposed to take place on February 8. “So yesterday was a huge s*** show,” she wrote. “The groom, Eric…apologized to Ellis. He also wanted to make a few things clear. He had no idea Kelly would go behind his back and tell Ellis and [her partner] Anita they aren’t welcome to the wedding. And most importantly, his parents didn’t say any of those things.”

“His father made an off-hand comment which translates to ‘what’s a good girl like Ellis doing with another woman?'” she continued, explaining the comment was made in a “dialect” other than English that everybody involved understands. “His mother said ‘children these days think different, you antique cow shouldn’t talk so much.’ Kelly took it upon herself to interpret that her future-in-laws meant they hated homosexuals. FILs weren’t furious and never said Ellis and Anita aren’t welcome to the wedding."

The woman also explained that the group are from a strictly homophobic country “where gay marriage is non-existent" and "in fact if you are LGBTQ, you as a person don’t exist." She did not reveal the exact country they're from. She also shared that the wedding was ultimately called off, as “Eric wants to step back and think if Kelly is the right match for him.”

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