Emily Blunt Hilariously Apologizes To Chris Martin By Singing Him A Song

Two weeks ago, Coldplay's Chris Martin stopped by the Ellen Show to discuss the band's new album.

During their conversation, Martin went off topic to reveal that A Quiet Place star Emily Blunt ignored a joke he texted her about a musical version of the horror film and he was feeling pretty upset about it.

Now, on Monday (January 27), Blunt stopped by to see Ellen DeGeneres and used her time to explain her side of the story and also apologize to the Coldplay frontman. “I just feel particularly bad because I really actually love Chris Martin's music so much, I'm obsessed with Coldplay,” she said.

As for why she ignored him, Blunt said, "I watched [Martin's video] at 11 o'clock at night, next to John [Krasinski], [I said] I will write back in the morning… I forgot to write back in the morning!” she explained. “A month later I was like, 'oh my god, I didn't write back to Chris Martin! “I basically felt that I’d left it too late, at which point British people have a tendency... when there’s an issue, we sort of sweep it under the carpet and pretend it never existed.”

To make up for hurting Martin's feelings, the actress did something she feared: sing in front of people. She didn't just sing any old song, Blunt changed up the lyrics to Coldplay's “In My Place” to reflect her errors to give a heartfelt apology to Martin.

Blunt joined a pianist surrounded by roses and candles to sing her apology:

“Quiet place, quiet place/ No response felt so in your face/ You felt lost, oh yeah/ It seemed so low, kinda low, to leave you out there/ On your own in your quiet place/ Chris, how long did you wait for us?/ Chris, my husband threw me under the bus/ Chris, your musical was a bust/ Oh it was bad, yeah, yeah/ Please don't go, please don't go/ I'm gonna want free tickets to your show.”

Watch the full video above!

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