Most Popular Thanksgiving Dishes In Each State

Turkey is a Thanksgiving staple, but people’s favorite dishes for the holiday probably depend on where they’re from. House Method, the homeowners’ resource, looked into how Turkey Day menus vary from state to state, using Google searches to get their info. And here’s what they found the most popular dishes are in different states.

Deep fried turkey - Kentucky was the only state where this was number one.

Dressing - The Thanksgiving staple was the most-searched for recipe in states including Michigan, South Carolina, and Texas.

Green bean casserole - Midwesterners seem to love this dish, it’s number one in Kansas and Missouri.

Mashed Potatoes - They’re searching for this in Western states including Colorado, Montana, and Oregon.

Roasted turkey - This was the most-searched for Thanksgiving recipe in nine states in the eastern half of the country, including Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, and Virginia.

Salad - In Minnesota, New York, and Washington, D.C. they were looking for salad recipes.

Sweet potato casserole - It’s popular in southern states including Alabama and North Carolina.

Yams - And out west in California, Nevada, and Utah, this is the most-searched for Thanksgiving recipe.

Salad -Arizona --REALLY?!?

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