Americans Spend A Lot Of Time Daydreaming Of Vacation

Parents with children enjoying vacation on beach

According to a new poll…

  • 82% of Americans say they daydream about vacations, with a third thinking about them often.
  • In fact, Americans spend 200 hours a year daydreaming about vacation, or about 24 full working days.

Of course while being on vacation may be great, there is some stress that goes into planning a getaway. The poll finds

  • 79% of people worry about getting the best deal for their vacation.
  • 62% say finding the right flight is stressful.
  • Because of all this stress, 73% of people say they’ve forgotten to book part of their trip, with 22% saying they forget to book a key trip component every time they go away.

So, what are the hardest parts about booking a trip? They include:

  • Planning when to travel (50%)
  • Finding the perfect place to stay (47%)
  • Saving the money (44%)
  • Coordinating schedules (43%)
  • Finding things to do (42%)

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