Americans still believe these wives' tales help their health

The average American feels “perfectly healthy” less than half of the year, according to new research.

According to a new poll, 64% have tried a home remedy for an ailment, while 51% of people say they still believe at least one old wives' tale when it comes to their health. So, what old wives' tales are people the most likely to still be believe? Well, the survey finds…

44% believe you should feed a fever and starve a cold
45% believe sleeping with wet hair will result in a cold
47% think chicken noodle soup clears colds
475 think orange juice can prevent a cold
42% believe cracking knuckles causes arthritis
53% believe carrots improves eyesight
45% believe spices clear sinuses
39% think coffee will stunt growth
49% think an apple a day will keep the doctor away


1. Hot tea with lemon            46%
2. Drink lots of water            44%
3. Buy chicken soup             44%
4. Drink orange juice            42%
5. Go to bed                   38%
6. Eat ginger                   37%
7. Go to the gym/workout         36%
8. Take a shower               33%
9. Change the bedsheets         28%

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