Minnesota boy takes wrong turn in 5K race, wins 10K instead


A nine-year-old boy in Minnesota took a wrong turn in the 5K race he was running and wound up winning one twice as long.

Kade Lovell says as he was approaching the end of the 3.1-mile race a woman told him to “keep going straight” and he did, without realizing he had entered into the 10K race.

He realized his mistake upon spying a sign for the 10K turnaround and thought for sure his mom was going to yell at him, so that may have pushed him to run faster. 

After a panicked search, his mom found him at the finish line of the 10K and assumed he had finished last. 

But it turns out, he actually won it! He beat out all the other runners and finished in 48 minutes, beating the 40-year-old second place runner by a full minute.

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