Instagram Model Makes $100,000 A Year From Pics Of Her 6.5-Inch Tongue

Part of the reason Kiss bassist Gene Simmons is famous is because of his incredibly long tongue, and an Instagram model might be following in his footsteps because of hers. Her name is Mikayla Saravia and at age 21, she's already making six-figures thanks to her massive tongue. With two million followers, Mikayla, who on Instagram goes by @KKVSH, is an influencer who gets paid between $900 and $3,000 for a photo or video of her licking different food items, often times while she is wearing a bikini or lingerie. She also makes bank with her YouTube channel, which she monetizes, and her website, where she sells her merchandise.

Mikayla told the Daily Star about her income, explaining, "Last year, I made a little under $50K, should be better this year because I already have double that amount."

Her fans are in love with her tongue, with some even asking if they can get a tattoo of it on themselves, while others offer her money for their own photos of it.

While she might be busy with her businesses, which also includes her app, KKVSH, where she sells other items, she wants people to know she isn't just about fame and fortune, saying, "I wish people understood that I'm very down to earth." However, she is still very pleased with all she has done for herself, stating, "I'm proud of my accomplishments being so young and owning my own company."

Add one more thing to Mikayla's resume - she's now also pursuing music. Stay up to date with her here.

Photo: Instagram/KKVSH