Yellowstone National Park Gets Poor Reviews… For No Starbucks

Yellowstone Grand Prismatic Spring-getty images

Yellowstone National Park has seen its popularity soar in the last few years, which is surprising considering people being joined at the hip with their devices. While many enjoy the beauty of the park, some people just “can’t.” That’s why they post hysterically bad reviews on Yelp and Google. Here are some of the most amusing and roast worthy.

“Seen one majestic and colorful thermal feature of archaebacteria, you’ve seen them all. They don’t even let you touch the geysers, and there’s only black and grizzly bears no panda, polar or cave bears.”

“There’s no Starbucks for a hundred miles around.”

“I’d give it 5 stars. But the wifi was terrible.”

“Old Faithful isn’t so faithful any more.”

“The stones aren’t even yellow!”

“Has a distinct lack of cell towers. I was not able to play Pokémon Go the whole time. No bars no stars.”  

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