Fans Think There's An Insane Plot Twist Hidden In 'Last Christmas' Trailer

The rom-com renaissance is here. Hot off starring in the biggest rom-com in recent history (Crazy Rich Asians), Henry Golding is teaming up with Game of Throne's Emilia Clarke for the new holiday love story Last Christmas. Inspired by the music of the late George Michael, Last Christmas follows Clarke's character, Kate, a grumpy store-elf who's living her life in fear after surviving a life threatening illness. After Kate meets Golding's too-good-to-be-true Tom, the two start a sweet romance.

At first glance, Last Christmas might look like a paint-by-the-numbers, boy-meets-girl story, but fans suspect there's going to be an insane plot twist in the film. If you pay close attention to the trailer, there are some hints that Tom isn't really who he says he is. Well, actually, there are clues that Tom isn't actually real. Crazy, right? Maybe not. The film's poster and tag line reference beloved Christmas classic It's A Wonderful Life, which follows a man named George Bailey as he gets a glimpse of what they world be like if he never existed. An angel named Clarence, who never interacts with a single other character in the film, makes this vision possible.

First, let's watch the trailer. Remember, pay close attention:

Now let's check out some of the most intriguing Twitter theories:

The most popular fan theory seems to be that Kate was the recipient of a heart transplant during her period of illness. The heart she received may have been Tom's and now she's being visited by his ghost. Remember: the movie is based on the song "Last Christmas," which boasts the lyric "last Christmas, I gave you my heart." Perhaps the movie is taking a very literal spin on the song?

Guess we'll just have to wait and see! Last Christmas hits theaters November, 8 2019.

Photo: Universal

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