There Is Now A Dog Park & Bar Hybrid Called "Boozehounds" & It's Perfect

A couple in Orlando, Florida is looking out for the dog owners in the world... so they created Boozehounds Dog Bar, a dog park and ba! It's simple... it brings dogs and beer together in a way that's both legal !

According to Bustle,

"it's not just a bar where dogs are allowed; it's a 2,000 square foot bar on a bunch of land where dogs have plenty of room to play outdoors. The bar itself will be built out of repurposed shipping containers, which is a more sustainable way to build, and there will be an area for dogs to go off-leash, outdoor seating, and a fenced off area for puppies and senior dogs."

The FAQ on the Boozehounds website also explains that dogs over eight months must be spayed or neutered, and that for a membership, vaccinations records must be provided.

Can we get one of these in Phoenix... please!?!

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