Dog Discovered Swimming Nearly 130 Miles Off the Coast of Thailand

A dog found swimming some 130 miles off the coast of Thailand was rescued by an oil rig crew and is back on the mainland, authorities said Tuesday.

The dog was spotted near the Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production rig that is located 135-miles off the coast of Thailand. Vitisak Payalaw wrote on Facebook that the crew spotted the dog swimming toward the platform on Friday.

After some effort, the dog managed to make it to the platform where it clung to some support structures underneath the rig. The dog didn't bark or whimper once, Vitisak wrote on Facebook. Crew members attempted to help the dog by holding out a pole for the dog, but the waves made it difficult for the animal to climb up.

"I thought that if we didn't move quickly, I would not be able to help him," said Payalaw. "If he lost his grip, it would be very difficult to help him."

The dog continued to hold on for dear life, watching the workers as they figured out how to get the animal safely on board.

Eventually, the workers decided to throw a rope around the dog's neck and use that to pull him up. Once they got the dog on board, the washed him, and gave him some fresh water and an electrolyte drink. Payalaw speculated that the dog may have belonged to someone on a fishing trawler and may have fallen off at some point.

The shivering canine was exhausted by the ordeal according to Payalaw's post. The oil rig crew named the little brown dog, "Boonrod," which means "survivor."

Payalaw wrote on Facebook that the animal has been transferred to a clinic in Thailand where it would be given temporary shelter. If no one claims Boonrod, Payalaw said he would adopt him.

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