Bride-To-Be Shamed After Admitting She Hates Fiance's Family Heirloom Ring

A bride-to-be was shamed after seeking advice on the online forum Wedding Bee, revealing she hates the family heirloom ring her fiancé proposed to her with. In her post, the anonymous woman explained that her boyfriend of 10 years popped the question with his grandmother's diamond ring. After her initial excitement wore off, though, the woman realized she's not prepared to wear that particular ring for the rest of her life. 

"I always wanted a larger canary yellow diamond ring on yellow gold. A few months ago my boyfriend asked me to send him photos of the ring styles I liked and I told him exactly what I wanted," she wrote in her now viral post. After her future-mother-in-law got involved, however, her fiancé decided to use his grandmother's ring. "Apparently, she wanted me to have his grandmother’s ring and he was just gonna take the diamond and change the setting."

He finally dropped down to one knee on January 3, asking her to marry him with the family heirloom. "The ring he gave him is with his grandmother’s diamond which I didn’t want and I'm supposed to pass it down to our future children,' she said. "At first I liked the ring. I was just excited to be engaged but the more days that go by the more I hate it. I don’t know what to do." On top of disliking the ring, the woman also said the proposal itself "wasn't spectacular either." 

You can see photos of the family heirloom right here

The woman asked fellow Wedding Bee users for advice on discussing the issue with her fiancé. Instead, though, she got nasty comments in reply to her message. "You sound like a brat," one person wrote. "That’s a big blingy ring. You sound extremely ungrateful. Hate is such a strong word. That’s his grandmother's ring that you say you hate. How disrespectful," another chimed in. 

Some people, though, came to her defense. "I don’t think it’s ungrateful at all to want to love your ring! And let’s be real, after 10 years, you deserve a proposal with a lot of thought and effort," one advised. While another suggested: "I think you should start with how happy you are that he proposed and how excited you are to get married and that it’s sweet that it’s a family heirloom and it’s not what you asked for even a little bit."

Hopefully, this bride-to-be and her fiancé are able to figure everything out before the wedding!

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