Actor Danny Masterson Mourns Cousin Killed In Terrorist Attack

Actor Danny Masterson is grieving the sudden loss of his cousin, businessman Jason Spindler, after the 40-year-old was killed in a terrorist attack on a Kenyan hotel compound on Wednesday (January 16).

On Thursday morning, The '70s Show alum took to Instagram to make the revelation with a photo of his dear family member. "Scumbags known as Al-Shabaab attacked a hotel in Kenya as we all now know. They killed two dozen people including my/our cousin #JasonSpindler," he kicked off the lengthy tribute post. "I know these cowards, who weren't already killed, will die slow painful deaths and we will dance on their graves."

Later on in the post, the 42-year-old actor continued to share his frustrations, writing, "You disgrace Islam and you disgrace the beautiful people of the Muslim world. You justify your actions as holy but no Higher Being admits your existence. You are f**king pieces of sh*t. Godspeed my Texas cuz. Your family will never be the same."

As Masterson mentioned, Spindler was among 21 dead at the hours-long attack at Nairobi's DusitD2 compound, where armed men with explosives burst onto the compound. "The security operation at Dusit complex is over, and all the terrorists eliminated," President Uhuru Kenyatta told reporters without offering additional details. Spindler's parents told KTRK that their late son dedicated his career to advising folks in business investment. He was the founder, CEO and managing director of I-DEV International. "We all miss him so much and it's so sad that such a bright young person is taken away by terrorism," his mother, Sarah Spindler, told NBC News. Spindler was previously employed at 7 World Trade Center and late to work on the morning of September 11, 2001, escaping death when the planes hit the towers. 

Photo: Getty Images

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