PHOTO: Internet Going Crazy For Hot Doctor

Little did one hot soon-to-be doctor know that his ad looking for a cheap place to live hear Manhattan's Mount Sinai Hospital would get him tons of offers, just for one room. 

Pakistani medical student Rehan Munir posted the ad earlier this month on Facebook looking to spend about $800 while he does his rotation at the hospital and he has since be inundated with responses, many of which would make some folks blush. 

"U can live with me FOR FREE" one Facebook user responded. Another said, "I apologize if this is in inappropriate. But umm...boyyyy you fine!" 

Therein lies the main reason for all the attention. Munir is pretty good looking, and was even a model in his native country so it's no surprise that folks have gone a little crazy over his appeal for a place to live. 

So far the ad has gotten over 500 likes and Munir says the response has been "pretty overwhelming." although so far there's no word on whether he's actually found an apartment. 

Source: New York Post

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