OMG: You Can Now Buy A Hairy Chest Swimsuit

Clothing site Beloved is now selling a "sexy chest one piece" swimsuit that is imprinted with a realistic hairy torso and even nipples. "Make the pool boy said 'WTF!'" is the slogan for the suit, which features the added tagline, "Yep - they're real." 

While this may seem like just a novelty swimsuit it actually seems to have a larger message, questions sexist double standards, where it's perfectly fine for hairy men to be topless on a beach, while women are constantly criticized for their choices in swimwear. 

Folks interested in going hairy on the beach have three skin tones to choose from, with the bathing suit offered in light, medium and dark tones, at a price of $44.95.

Source: Huffington Post

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