WATCH: Putin Has A Lot To Say To Megyn Kelly

It there's a "get" to get in news interviews these days, it's got to be Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the end, how much truth Megyn Kelly got will be up to observers. If you ask Putin, everyone - especially American media - had gotten everything completely wrong as it relates to his relationship with Trump and team. Putin was quite clear that there has been no shadowy relationship with President Trump or his representatives. 

As it relates to former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, Putin said he was only informed about Flynn's background in the American military after having a few words with him. Flynn had been seated next to Putin at the event. Putin added that he's had more interaction in the short time he spent with Kelly than he did with Flynn. He maintained that he doesn't have any damaging information on Trump. 

What about election hacking? Putin abrasively scoffed at such a suggestion, especially when it was pointed out that officials say the investigation had revealed digital "fingerprints." 

Source: NBC News' "Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly"

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