The Perfect Wine Accessory For The Summer

Have you heard of the the wine purse? You may have seen it all over Facebook like I did. If you haven't, this handbag secretly holds wine and it is so popular, it sold out it's whole inventory in 48 hours. 

It's creator, Bella Vita, wanted to find another way to capitalize on that success. What she came up with is the ideal accessory for summer: the beachy, canvas wine tote. They call it the PortoVino.

It looks innocent enough, with its natural stripes in navy and white or red and whit and twisted rope handles. It's made for the shore with an interior that's easy to wipe down when sand, sunscreen or chardonnay gets inside. Like the original wine bag, this tote includes an insulated pouch that can hold two bottles of wine.

Then you just tuck that insulated wine bag inside your tote, adjust the spout to the easy-to-hide opening and you can access your secret stash of vino. It's only $40. Now we may not have a beach here but it's perfect by the pool or on your summer vacation. 

Source: Delish

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