WATCH: Sea Lion Drags Girl Into Water

A viral video is showing a terrifying moment when a sea lion pulled a young girl into the water at a harbor in Canada. Michael Fujiwara started filming on a dock at the Steveston Fisherman's Wharf in British Colombia, when a California sea lion popped its head out of the water. 

Onlookers, including a young girl and her family, began to feed the animal at the edge of the dock. It seemed friendly enough. Then the animal lunged toward the girl and she jumped back. Then she made the mistake of sitting on a wood ledge. That's when the animal jumped out of the water, grabbed the girl by the sweater and pulled her in. 

A relative quickly jumped in after her and brought the girl to safety. 

Source: CBC News

Now reports are saying that young girl is being treated for possibly being exposed to a rare infections. 

While the girl was pulled to safety, she had a superficial wound that could've been infected with a rare bacteria that's found inside marine mammals' mouths. 

The infection is commonly known as "seal finger" and could result in loss of fingers or limbs. Her family is working with the Vancouver Aquarium to get proper treatment after learning of the possible problem while watching a TV interview with the aquarium staff. 

Source: KATU

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