OMG: Woman Spends Thousands To Look Like Barbie

Believe it or not, there's a women who wants to look like Barbie and is willing to drop serious cash in order to do it. At just 30, Ophelia Vanity has already spent $35,000 on medical treatments that help her look more like a doll, and that's not even including plastic surgeries. 

Vanity says she wants to get breast and butt implants and between four and six ribs removed in order to make her body look like Barbie's. 

Until then, Vanity spends three house doing her makeup each day, gets Botox and fillers to reshape her face and wears contacts to make her eyes look bigger. Of course she also bleaches her naturally dark hair every two months. 

As for her critics, Vanity says she pays no mind, adding "I know they just want a rise. If they really hated me, they'd look away," 

Source: Mirror

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