OMG: Ben & Jerry's Has A New Chill-aco For 4/20


It's 4/20, everyone's favorite stoner holiday. Even if you're not high, you'll be excited about Ben & Jerry's new treat, the Chill-aco. The ice cream company's newest creation for potheads and non-smokers is available in their scoop shops for the next two weeks and it sounds like it's worth the hustle to make sure you get to try it. 

So what's in the Chill-aco? Here's the breakdown:

- It starts with a crepe-like waffle on the outside that's drizzled with caramel.
- That's wrapped around Ben & Jerry's signature crispy waffle cone shell
- Then it's filled with your favorite flavor of ice cream
- And as if that's not enough, the whole delicious concoction is topped with hot fudge and cookie crumbles. 



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