Hiker Rescued After Being Trapped Under 15,000 Pound Rock

A Colorado hiker is in the hospital after being pinned under a 15,000 pound boulder. The woman, who has not been named, was airlifted from the top of North Table Mountain in Golden. 

At last check, the hiker was listed in critical condition - and with good reason. A spokesperson for Golden Fire-Rescue said the boulder had crushed the lower half of her body and is suffering multiple fractures. After being freed, she was carried for 45 minutes to a landing and was airlifted to a local hospital. 


The woman is from Europe and was in the area on a trip. She was climbing with a friend when the accident happened. The woman's friend said they heard a loud cracking sound and looked up to see a boulder falling from 30-feet above them. 

In a true twist of fate, which surely saved the woman's life, the friend ran for help and happened to find two Littleton Fire paramedics who happened to be on a hike of their own. As they went to assist, another hiker who was nearby ran downhill to call 911. 

Source: KDVT


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