OMG: The Church Of England Is Angry Over Chocolate

Who knew chocolate eggs could cause controversy? Cadbury has ticked off the Church of England by re-branding their "Easter Egg Trail" as the "Great British Egg Hunt."

According to archbishop John Sentamu, Cadbury is "airbrushing faith from Easter" and "spitting on the grave" of its religious founder. 


Cadbury, on the other hand, explains they're simply trying to expand their audience. As the chocolatiers explain, "We invite people from all faiths and non to enjoy our seasonal treats."


What's more, a descendant of founder John Cadbury points out he was a Quaker and thus didn't even celebrate Easter. She sent out the tweet below. 


For what it's worth, the company points out they make plenty of references to Easter on their website. 

Source: Telegraph


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