Female Officer's Takedown Becomes Call For Women

A Hamtramck, Michigan police officer is now the face of female police recruitment. 

Nikole Jabour and her partner were part of the force involved in a high speed chase through suburban Detroit streets yesterday, as a news copter filmed the event. A woman driver was initially suspected for a kidnapping and tried to elude police by driving down side streets, over lawns and sidewalks, then fleeing on foot before she was tackled. 

The suspect got a flat tire on the van, jumped out of the moving vehicle and that's when Jabour took her shot. "I started running for her and I tackled her," Jabour said. "That was it." 


The brave officer hopes her takedown caught on camera sends a message to other woman who want to protect and serve. "If you want to do it, you can do it," Jabour said. 

On a side note, the female suspect was in a van connected to felonies in Flint and Hamtramck, as well as Detroit. 

Source: WXYZ


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