FEEL GOOD: Arizona Girl Donates Gifts To Charity


Avery Winberry just turned nine and had an awesome party to celebrate. She got a ton of great presents, too, but the third grader from Gilbert didn't keep the gifts. She donated her haul to Child Crisis Arizona to help kids less fortunate than her. 

The little girl actually included a wishlist for the charity on her birthday party invitation and her guests brought unwrapped toys at her request. She even got a $500 donation to her cause. The most amazing thing is it was all her idea. She was inspired to help kids in need after doing work with the homeless in her community. 

"Whenever I think that kids are, don't have families and stuff, I always think that they need help," Avery said. Her mom, Courtney, couldn't be more proud, she said, "It's just overwhelming for her to have a heart the size that she does."

See a video of Avery HERE

Source: Arizona Family


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