FEEL GOOD: Brothers Borrow Puppy To Help Granny

Brothers Richard and Martin Dawson take care of their grandmother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's five years ago. Their 95-year-old "Nan" would get really upset when she was confused or in pain, but they noticed she was lovingly distracted by their baby nephew's visits. 

So they considered getting a dog, thinking it would have the same effect on their Nan. But the brothers both work full-time and with caring for their grandmother around the clock, they didn't think they could take on a puppy too. And that's when they discovered a website called BorrowMyDoggy.com, that connects people who want some puppy playtime and cuddles with dog owners and their fur babies. 


They connected with a woman named Ann and her nine-month-old pet dachshund, Orla. Now Nan and Orla are best friends. The pup comes to visit a few times a week and their grandmother loves her puppy playdates. 

Source: Today


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