OMG: A Marijuana Gym Is Opening In San Francisco

These days some gyms are offering a variety of perks to get people in the door, whether it's state-of-the-art equipment, expert classes, or maybe even juice bars. But a new gym set to open in San Francisco in May is planning to offer something you wouldn't necessarily associate with exercising...marijuana. 

Jim McAlpine, a 46-year-old surfer, skier, and weed aficionado, is opening Power Plant Fitness in the Mission District of San Francisco, which is being described as "premier gym" for potheads. In addition to your standard gym equipment, McAlpine plans to feature trainers who'll provide weed-assisted fitness plans, determining how the drug can help someone with their workout. The gym also plans to see cannabis which members can use on site. as well as the company's edible products, which McAlpine says are "made for pre-workout focus and post-workout recovery." 




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