A bride writing for CNN Money admitted she got in over her head while planning her "rockin'" wedding, so she had to make some choices, and knowing what she knows now, passes along her advice for cutting costs at your wedding.


Trim your wedding, not your guest list. Before leaving anyone out, consider cutting extras or even fundamentals. Reduce the options at the bar to just beer and wine, for example, or nixing the steak at dinner, or replacing the floral centerpieces with candles.


Watch out for hidden costs and fees. Choose a less popular time, Friday or Sunday, for example, to avoid "food and drink minimums." Many venues hold you to a certain minimum, which may stretch your budget.


Shop small. Small businesses and start ups are more willing to negotiate on price. Look for places like Little Borrowed Dress to rent bridesmaids dresses.


Step away from the glue gun. It looks so easy on Pinterest to make your own decorations, but those trips to the craft store can really add up. DIY can be just as pricey, or more, than buying it. Especially if you're not an expert in that area.


Photo credit: jdurham from morguefile.com