Shania Twain returns to the stage with her biggest hits in "Shania:  Still the One"
exclusively at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace Now through July 26

Each morning at 8:40am from July 7 - July 11 we'll give away one part
of the "Phrase That Pays" to give you a chance to win a Grand Prize
Shania Twain Las Vegas Adventure!  You'll need to know the
entire phrase to be able to enter the contest this Friday!
The Grand Prize package includes a two-night stay in the Laurel Collection
at Caesars Palace, dinner for two at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill,
and two tickets to Shania Twain:  Still the One!
Tickets available at www,

(If you missed it ...Monday morning ,, the first part was "Man, I..."
Tuesday morning, part 2 was "feel like"  Wednesday morning, part 3 was "a woman"
Thursday Beth added "Now that I..")

Makes sure you're listening for the last part of the Phrase That Pays Friday morning at 8:40 for your chance to win!  When you have the whole phrase,
click the link above to enter!