Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and The Weather Channel, 11-year-old Ryland Mishura's dream has come true. The boy from New Jersey has a metabolic disorder with life-threatening complications, so he was granted his wish: to help deliver the weather on live TV.

The fifth-grader was on an 11 a.m. Weather Channel segment on April 12. He also had a tour of the Weather Channel studio and met his on-screen heroes. "I've very interested in the weather, and it really inspires me," Mishura said. He said the studio tour was really exciting, "It was like a dream because I never say it before and it looked so unreal." 

Ryland only spend about five minutes going over the technology and learning how to give the live forecast, but he says it wasn't hard to get the hang of it and he felt comfortable on camera. "I felt very excited because this is a very good chance for me to do my future job," he said. 

Source: Huffington Post