(KFYI News) — You couldn't help but smile when he was around.  That's what friends and acquaintances say about Jason Josaphat, a graduate of Mesa's Skyline High School who was among the youngest victims of the nightclub massacre in Orlando.

Josaphat, 19, graduated from the school in 2014 and was studying computer science at a technical school in Orlando. He died in Sunday's attack.

Friends remember him as always smiling and making people laugh.  "He was always happy, and you always knew he was around because he was, like, loud," said friend Nay Martinez.  But she noted he was also a serious student. "Instead of, like, having him let me copy from him, he would sit me down and say, 'No, you gotta learn this.' So he was always a positive influence in my life."

Skyline's athletic director, Greg Schultz, released a statement that said "Jason was an amazing young man who contributed to the Skyline community through his participation in Spiritline and hip-hop dance club. He always had a smile on his face."

His yearbook picture is evidence of that: