Kim Youngs

In 2014 my mom was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Later that year, she had both halves of her thyroid removed, and is still on constant medication and continuous blood draw and immunizations. Meanwhile, she has a time consuming job as a highschool principal and is the head of her dyslexia program. My dad recently went back to his old job and travels most weeks. My mom prioritizes my brother and I first, 10 and 13 years old, without thinking once about what she needs to get done or what she wants. I am in theater 24/7 and my brother is constantly at practice in the soccer field. Our mom always gets us there on time, and is there cheering us on when I'm performing or at my brothers games. She is our #1 fan, and wants more than anything to see us succeed. She has such a servants heart, to us and others. She has gone to Uganda, Africa and worked in the orphanages and set up medical shops with our church, last year she served in Thailand, and this year I am accompanying her in Haiti to serve. Through all of her hardships and obstacles, she stays on track and doesn't let anyone see that she is struggling. I could go on forever, but unfortunately I am confined by 360 words.

Ryley Grace Youngs