Cheryl King Wade

Cheryl is an amazing woman deserving an amazing award. About two and a half years ago she started a program with a friend to help homeless pet owners' pets. As far as I know, she has not taken ONE SINGLE DAY OFF since, even holidays. She's put in countless money of her own when donations didn't match the needs of the homeless pet owners. She goes around town every day with an arsenal of pet and even human supplies and food. I can't guess if it's maybe thousands of pets, maybe less, but tons for sure, she has personally picked up and taken for shots, microchips and altering; then provides licenses. She has now even branched off to doing pet rescues after having to save pets from people who gave them up. When a homeless person's pet gets lost, she finds it, and breaks it out of jail if it ends up there. She also helps locate owners of found pets without having to take them through the torture of the pound. She's the only person I know that gets pulled over by the cops just to ask her to go help someone, or for supplies for someone they are helping themselves. My pets owe their health and well being to her support and those who help make her funding possible. She's never tuned away anyone but an abuser, then she just helped find the pet the right home. When my dog was sick and needed special food, she made sure I got it. My old cat will only eat properly if he gets can food, she makes sure he has it every month. Last year I had to rush my service dog to the vet, I believe she paid out of pocket over $1000 to treat her ear tumor. I call her Mini Might, because she is a superhero to any homeless pet owner. Please consider her for her work at Helping Hands for Homeless Hounds. What she has done for me is nothing compared to all the pets she's helped.

Mikki Killingsworth