Bari mears

Bari Mears is the founder and president of PACC911... phoenix animal care coalition . She works tirelessly, with many animal rescues and shelters, to help the lost souls who have been discarded, abused, neglected, tossed aside like garbage, or abandoned, to get them either adopted or fostered until they can find their forever Families. The network of people that Bari reaches on a daily basis is , to me, astonishing. She organizes all kinds of adoption events and fundraisers of all kinds. She posts pictures of animals that need homes, and tells their stories . She has created a foundation that has saved hundreds and hundreds of lives. To me, she is a true hero , and an inspiration. I wish I could volunteer and foster more than I do, but Bari and all the people she networks with, are grateful for any little bit you can do. I would love to see her be recognized for these tremendous things she does, all day , every day, without fail. Bari s own mother passed away not too long ago, and I recall she STILL got on the computer and posted animals in need, without skipping a beat. Please consider Bari For this huge honor. I am positive that it would benefit her organization and in turn, save even more lives. Thank you, Judi Fogarty.

judi Fogarty