November's Excellence in Education Winner
Mrs. Mary Mulligan
Rancho Solano Private School
in Phoenix


Mrs. Mulligan is a teacher who sometimes 'makes me sweat my brain off'. She is a great 2nd grade teacher, who makes learning both cool and exciting. I think she should be picked as a teacher of the month! She ROCKS! I love being in her class! Mrs. Mulligan will take the time to explain things until each of us understands, sometimes we need many times to understand. My mom say's Mrs. Mulligan has the patience of a saint. Mrs. Mulligan reminds us to review our work as a 'double check' and asks us to 'stay on topic'. Mrs. Mulligan said we all have something to learn so we all need to be in school, even herself - WOW! We are studying biodiversity and ecosystems, so our next field trip will be going to Agua Fria National Monument. I'm excited! Teams in our class are growing sunflowers and it's a friendly competition. She wants to help us all love reading, so she has us read every day. We do book reports and take AR quizzes, it's tough - but I get to pick the books as long as they are chapter books at my reading level. My mom really likes this too, she loves having me read to her before bed - it's kind of our thing! I love Mrs. Mulligan's mom too, she's our class’ Pumpkin Grandma. So for Halloween she grew each student a HUGE pumpkin!  And I have a joke, we have Pumpkin Grandma - but what about Radish Grandpa? My favorite part of the day is when we review everything we learned in the day. Please pick Mrs. Mary Mulligan - she deserves this award and so much more for all her teaching!