Lila S.

Ms. Sternfels is a passionate teacher that ensures each day that her very special learners are provided the best opportunities to think, learn and be responsible. Arriving to school early each day, Ms. Sternfels can be found in her classroom supporting learners with higher-level reading and math concepts, as they enthusiastically want to do more. As class begins, each learner is immediately aware that they are loved and respected by Ms. Sternfels as she welcomes them with hugs, kind words, individual celebrations and words of encouragement. Understanding that education stretches far beyond the classroom walls, Ms. Sternfels can also be found attending community and sporting events with her learners and their families, making home visits and being an overall genuine educator focused on changing the world for the better. Instructionally, Ms. Sternfels exceeds in every area. Taking the time to individualize learning opportunities, she uses a variety of data sources to measure the success of her learners. Additionally, she plans engaging lessons that peak her learner’s curiosity through meaningful activities, which she also connects to their prior life experiences. Visiting her classroom, you are guaranteed to witness learners working collaboratively while exploring solutions to problems and holding one another responsible for their ultimate success. Other times, you will see them interacting with Ms. Sternfels through her creative and thought provoking questioning strategies and providing them immediate feedback that reinforces their learning and understanding (remember, they are first graders!). Overall, Ms. Lila Sternfels is a master educator, gifted with the talents, insights and intellect that every parent would want in their child’s teacher. She is a positive spirit on campus and is motivated by the happiness and joy she brings to the lives of her learners, her colleagues and the community. She is truly what “Excellence in Education” is all about and we are blessed to have her at Incito Schools.

Jayson Black