May's Excellence in Education Winner
Mr. Ron Alldredge
Saguaro Hills Christian School in Mesa

Mr. Alldredge is both a teacher and the administrator of our school. I realize that most of the teachers honored are public school teachers, but there could be no teacher in our city that is more dedicated and devoted to providing a good education than Mr. Alldredge. As a private school educator, Mr. Alldredge is severely underpaid. He makes far less than he could make working in the private sector. He is our history teacher, and as a former White House employee he has a unique, "first-hand" ability to bring American History and U.S. Government to life. I feel so fortunate every day to have him teaching me. He has inspired me to begin to really care about our government both local and federal. I know this would not have happened if not for Mr. Alldredge. I now do believe that one person can make a difference. I hope you will agree and will honor him as your educator of the month. There is no one who deserves it more.

April's Excellence in Education Winner
Mrs. Jennifer Lesser
Acacia Elementary School in Phoenix

This teacher is so dedicated and cares for her students. She has helped two of my children, who have special needs. My son Zachary Hill when he was in the fourth grade had an accident when he was opening a box at home. He came back and stuck a pair of kitchen shears in his eye. He has had numerous surgeries. Ms. Lesser was his first grade teacher, and heard about Zach's accident. When he went into the homebound program and they could not find a teacher to come and teach him, I thought for sure he would repeat the fourth grade. She volunteered to teach him and I have to say he is now in 7th grade and an honor roll student. My Son Nolan Hill (9) joined her class in November 2008. Shortly after that he was diagnosed with severe OCD and anxiety. There she was again, she stepped in and stepped up. She keeps me involved in all of Nolan's needs at school and he is learning slowly how to deal with his condition. Please KEZ, I don't know how to tell you the positive impact this teacher has made on my childrens future. Please consider her... Best regards, April Rossrucker Mother of 4 boys.

March's Excellence in Education Winner
Mr. Paul Olsen
Gilbert High School in Gilbert

Mr. Olsen is definitely one of the most considerate and exceptional teachers I have ever had. Chemistry is not an easy class for some, but the way he teaches it, it's so easy to understand! He has a great sense of humor and even more importantly, a real presence that makes you, as a student, feel so comfortable in his class. He always greets us with a smile and never, ever gives up on a student. If you don't understand something, he will go out of his way to spend the time one-on-one to help you until you feel confident that you understand it. If I've learned one thing from Mr. Olsen that will stay with me long after chemical properties fade from my memory, it is that success is something anyone can achieve if you keep your head up and a positive attitude. I will never, ever forget him, and I hope that you will give him this well-deserved award!

February's Excellence in Education Winner
Mr. Terry Woods
Pueblo del Sol in Phoenix

Mr. Woods deserves the "Excellence in Education" because he is an excellent teacher Mr. Woods has taught me and my older, brother and sister. He also coached my older brother Damian in wrestling. My brother respects him because, He taught him discipline and hard work, my brother was a region champion Mr. Woods pushes all of us to be the best we can in school. He tells us to treat everyone with respect especially our selves. He demands a lot from his students, but he makes learning fun. We believe there is nothing we can’t do if we work hard. He coached Henry Cejudo win the gold medal. Coach Woods coached Henry when Henry was here at Pueblo. Henry came back 2 weeks ago to Pueblo and thanked Mr. Woods and talked to us about believing in dreams and achieving them. Mr. Woods is the high light of my day. At school he always give all his attention to his students. We will never forget Mr. Woods because he is an EXCELLENT teacher. Please nominate him for this award Melissa Madrueno Pueblo del Sol Phoenix Arizona.

January's Excellence in Education Winner
Mr. Tony Bisanz
Poston Jr. High in Mesa

Mr. Bisanz is the most FANTASTIC teacher EVER known. He not only taught us world history/geography, but taught us what's really important--how to serve others and be an effective leader. He is EXTREMELY busy all the time, but does his best not to show it and makes all parents, students, etc. believe he has all the time in the world to sit and listen to what we have to say. Mr. Bisanz treats all of his students as adults, gaining our respect and love quickly and forever. He is the main sponsor for National Junior Honor Society, STARS (a service club he started recently), and Service Learning; then he teaches ELP social studies, seminars all over the country, shuri-ryu (a martial art), AND has a wife and 2 kids. God only knows how he does it all and still be so amazing, but he figures it out somehow. If you were to meet him, you'd immediately see what a great teacher, sponsor, just a MAN in general he is. Please--he definitely deserves this honor for all of his hard work, efforts, trials, and everything else. Thank you so much!

December's Excellence in Education Winner
Mrs. Julie Fischer
Triple R School in Chandler

Mrs. Fischer is an amazing teacher because has a true passion for the children she teaches from year to year. She has the ability to connect with each student and brings out the best in them. She is creative and innovative. She communicates very well with parents and makes each family feel special. The progress children make in her classroom is unbelievable. Her kind way and caring touch creates a safe learning environment for kids to flourish. We know our child has been blessed to have a teacher like Julie Fischer touch her life. She has made a lasting impression on us and we feel she deserves to be recognized for an outstanding effort!

November's Excellence in Education Winner
Mrs. Mary Mulligan
Rancho Solando Private School - Missouri in Phoenix

Mrs. Mulligan is a teacher who sometimes 'makes me sweat my brain off'. She is a great 2nd grade teacher, who makes learning both cool and exciting. I think she should be picked as a teacher of the month! She ROCKS! I love being in her class! Mrs. Mulligan will take the time to explain things until each of us understands, sometimes we need many times to understand. My mom say's Mrs. Mulligan has the patience of a saint. Mrs. Mulligan reminds us to review our work as a 'double check' and asks us to 'stay on topic'. Mrs. Mulligan said we all have something to learn so we all need to be in school, even herself - WOW! We are studying biodiversity and ecosystems, so our next field trip will be going to Agua Fria National Monument. I'm excited! Teams in our class are growing sunflowers and it's a friendly competion. She wants to help us all love reading, so she has us read every day. We do book reports and take AR quizes, it's tough - but I get to pick the books as long as they are chapter books at my reading level. My mom really likes this too, she loves having me read to her before bed - it's kind of our thing! I love Mrs. Mulligan's mom too, she's our class's Pumpkin Grandma. So for Halloween she grew each student a HUGE pumpkin! And I have a joke, we have Pumkin Grandma - but what about Radish Grandpa? My favorite part of the day is when we review everything we learned in the day. Please pick Mrs. Mary Mulligan - she deserves this award and so much more for all her teaching!

October's Excellence in Education Winner
Mr. Robert Norman
Kyrene del los Cerritos in Phoenix

Mr. Norman should receive the "Excellent Educator Award" because he is a gifted teacher to his second graders. He is a great role model for my son. Mr. Norman is an innovative teacher who has a podcast show that encourages teachers to dialogue with one another. He is a leader in education who shares ideas, research, and professional agendas among colleagues. Did I mention this is only his third year in the classroom? Creative, technological, musical, and naturally talented are just a few words to describe this teacher. He is completing a master's degree and he is engaged to be married next month. His passion for learning is inspiring his second graders. As a parent, what I love most is his ability to honor and meet the individual needs of his students while creating a classroom community. Learning is authentic and meaningful in his class. As Cole's dad said, "Mr. Norman is teaching the kids critical thinking strategies." Yes, he is doing this, but he equally cares about the children's social development as well. He is a most distinguished teacher and deserves this honor. Cole said," he is cool, plays the guitar, teaches us not to hurt bugs,and he makes me think harder." He is the coolest teacher. Mr. Norman gives me special jobs and I can't wait to open our classroom store. I love Mr. Norman!"


September's Excellence in Education Winner
Bobbie Stelling
Midtown Primary in Phoenix

Mrs. Bobbie is an awesome teacher. She helps all to learn math, reading, spelling, and social studies. But, she also teaches us to give back to the community. We performed at the Senior Citizens Center and also visited with them afterward. We made such an impact that they invited us back the rest of the year. As a class we also adopted a child from Ecuador. We each bring in a penny a day to support her because she does not have the things we take for granted. We also participated in Earth Day, where we each took our turn in cleaning up the trash. She also told us how we can continue to help the environment by conserving water and electric in our own homes. Mrs. Bobbie has been with our class for both 1st and 2nd grade and we will be leaving her for a new teacher in 3rd grade. We are sad to be leaving as we have grown close to Mrs. Bobbie. She taught us a lot these past years, she taught us how to respect others and ourselves. We learned a lot from her and everyday is a new adventure in learning the world around us. Thank you for considering my request in nominating my teacher Mrs. Bobbie.